Why Does Partnership Matter?

 Why Does Partnership Matter?

God commands His blessing in the midst of unity. One of the most important things that God values the most is unity. Particularly unity amongst the brethren. As the Bible tells us in Psalm 133:1, it is in the midst of unity that God Commands His blessings. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is when there is no unity, the important thing is the blessing is present when there is unity.   

If we are one and speak one language, we can accomplish whatever we choose to do. We know the story of the tower of Babel where a thought-provoking statement was made that if they are one and they can speak with one language, they could accomplish anything. Gen11:5 And that is quite massive. Could that be the secret formula? That if we can speak with one voice meaning we have a common vision and if we can be one meaning united, we can accomplish anything.   

The LORD prayed that we may be one that the world may believe us – John 17:20-23 When the Lord prayed for His disciples starting the ministry that is now Christianity all over the world, at the very beginning it’s interesting to see that the one prayer he prayed was the prayer for union. He prayed that they may be one that the world may believe us. 

Two are better than one and a threefold cord is not easily broken – Ecc 4:9-12 Let me share something with you that I think is so important and I learned this from our mentors. In Nigeria, there’s a tendency for people to always want to do their own thing. Start new things. Every time somebody comes up with an original idea and he wants to do it afresh but you find that there is another group already doing the same thing. The question is can you pull together so you can have an impact?   Watch the youtube video below to hear more.

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