Purpose of Capital in the Kingdom – by Natchi Lazarus

Purpose Capital in the Kingdom by Natchi Lazarus

(Summary of The Kingdom Summit 2015 session by Natchi Lazarus)


Genesis 1, 2 and 3 talks about ‘original’ capital. It is the capital that was originally given to man. In the beginning God partnered with man for the management of creation. And He gave this partner a seed capital, the original seed capital. He didn’t give just enough, but He gave plenty – gold under the earth, four rivers for one man and other abundant resources.

The Bible says that – God blessed them and said to them – be fruitful and multiply and then he blessed them and he says – See, I have given you every seed.


The beauty of capital is that it is dynamic. It cannot stay idle or unproductive. It is meant to grow and multiply. That’s why Jesus rebuked the guy who hid the talent and did nothing with it.


God said – be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and have dominion over it. Man was given authority over everything in this world except over other men. But sin caused man to dominate over people and circumstances. According to the International Labour Organization, there are 168 million children around the world in child labour. 21 million people are forced into labor around the world in order to generate 150 billion dollar illegal profits. Every 15 seconds, 153 workers in the world have work-related accidents. These statistics are mind-numbing. But essentially they point to one - overuse or abuse of capital can lead to dominion in the wrong way. The need to dominate arises when we have unlimited access to capital. Money or mammon can alter the minds of companies and induce them to abuse human resources.


There is a difference between dominion and abuse. When God told man to ‘dominate’, he meant to ‘rule’ - rule like a good ruler. That makes creation better. Genesis 15 says - God took man and put him in Eden to work and cultivate – to make it better. “Cultivation” is the kind of dominion that God was talking about. But what we do is a different type of dominion. And when we have access to capital, we have a tendency to dominate in an ungodly manner. Sadly, there are many people across the world that would even voluntarily submit to such dominion.


Let us now look at a checklist of 5 practical things to avoid using capital to dominate others.

  1. Does it oppress or free people?

Whatever business we are doing or buying or involved in, is it oppressing our co-workers, customers or anybody in any way?

  1. Does it manipulate or nurture and empower people?

Anything we do has to empower and nurture people. We may not oppress, but we may sometimes manipulate others to do things that they wouldn’t want to do. Manipulation happens not only one-on-one, but also as an enterprise on a larger scale. We manipulate governments, policies, laws. A lawful activity may be fine, but the lines are sometimes blurred. So we must ask ourselves whether we are manipulating the system or people.

  1. Does it abuse the gifts and talents that God has put in people?

We must not abuse people by overworking or underpaying them, or exploiting their gifts and talents.

  1. Does it abuse the resources?

We must not exploit natural resources – the soil, water or vegetation. We must take care to not pollute the environment. We must not abuse natural resources in a way that affects the life and livelihood of the people living there. A good business always replenishes resources.

  1. Does it limit the potential?

We must question whether our venture is limiting the potential of our employees, customers, nature and nation? We need to make people shine and increase their potential. When we build an organization recognizing potential and growing it with the capital that God has given us, our capital will multiply in ways we cannot imagine.

The purpose of capital is to set people free, not to dominate them.

Purpose Capital in the Kingdom by Natchi Lazarus


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