Dialogue With God For Direction – by Okey Enelamah

(Summary of The Kingdom Summit 2014 Session by Okey Enelamah)


Kingdom economics sharply differs from worldly economics. This is primarily because the Kingdom wealth is a matter of Covenant that God has made with us. It involves a partnership with God and belief in His purpose, grace and favor over our lives. It also implies trusting that God’s resources are unlimited and that He will bless us abundantly.


In the year 2010, I had a dream where I was in a house with many senior bankers. I saw many idols in the room and people around me started bowing before them. I sprang back exclaiming Jesus! Even after I woke up, I didn’t understand the dream completely. But slowly God started speaking to me about being an apostle of righteousness, not just in name but also in deed. At a time where so many ‘religious folks’ were doing nothing in the market place, I realized that God was still looking for champions to walk with Him.

So when God sent the right opportunity my way, I quickly discerned that it was from God. Here’s how God guided me in this process through His grace and wisdom.


When the world is going one way, we should go the other. There seems to be something about contraries that sits well with God. Some of these contrasts can be seen especially in terms of the economics of life. Paul says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Another of my favorite examples in this regard is the famous line, ‘Reap what you sow’. The logical explanation to it is that we must sow what we need. Similarly, another surprising contrasting ingredient of the Kingdom wealth is ‘humility’.


I once read a book by Jim Collins which talked about going from good to great. One of the parables that Collins referred to was that of the man who found a beautiful pearl and sold everything that he had to possess this pearl. Many of us are scrambling to make wealth. But all that God asks of us is to multiply the seed in our hand.


Malcolm Bloodwell in his book writes that there are certain patterns that are common to successful people. Similarly, if we read about the richest man in Babylon, we’ll see that it talks about the law of gold. Another interesting thing that we will do well to remember is the law of compound interest which is also a key to wealth. We can takes these laws and decide the rules of success for our lives.


God’s blessings are a matter of covenant. If a person wants to be rich he must get into a dialogue with God and ask Him for instruction. If God gives us a purpose then He will provide us the way to do it too. People like King David believed that God blessed them for the sake of Israel. Let’s seek to lead a life that fulfills God’s purpose instead of ours. Then, we will surely be blessed and be a blessing for others.


God is looking for people who can combine sound ethics with prosperity and do good business in a way that is pleasing to Him. Let’s be like the seed that yielded a 100 fold blessing. In order to do that, we must enter into a dialogue with God and partner with other likeminded brethren and let God use us effectively.